Therapeutic Massage , Lymphatic Massage & Cupping

Massage is an art of treating the body by patting, rubbing, or kneading, to stimulate muscles, increasing circulation and  relieving stress and tension. We offer 2 types of massage services known as the "therapeutic massage" and "lymphatic massage."

Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic massage is used to soften any tensed muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Unlike regular massage, the purpose of therapeutic massage is to treat patients with pain, for the enhancement of our patients' health and their well-being. Different tools may be used to maximize effectiveness of massage. 


Increasing the blood flow and circulation, the therapeutic massage is the use of medium to firm pressure throughout the body for a long term affect. The use of pressure is to relieve muscle tension or discomfort, as well as to increase the patient's range of motion by loosening tense areas and breaking up knots.

Lymphatic Massage


Lymphatic massage, also known as lymphatic drainage is a technique developed in Germany to treat lymphedema, an accumulation of fluid after the removal of lymph nodes during surgery. Lymphedema can also be found at birth, developed during puberty, or during adulthood of patients' lives. This usually occurs mainly at the four limbs of the body.


Lymphedema is caused by the blockage of the lymphatic system, causing pain, dimpled, and/or swelling of the skin, and is most commonly caused from surgery involving lymph nodes due to cancer. The massage is to move the fluids of the swollen area to another where the lymphatic system is working properly. The doctor will apply gentle pressure at a slow and rythmic motion to allow the lymph vessels to open up. 

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